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Welcome to the UK Independence party (Eastleigh Branch) Official website.

We Rise in Eastleigh

But of course, the above has not gone down too well with the Lib Dem leader of Eastleigh Borough Council who thinks he has the right to insult more than 40% of the Eastleigh electorate. Lib Dem arrogance knows no bounds



News about what UKIP are doing for Eastleigh as a Borough and Hampshire as a County.

UKIP now has a team of dedicated councillors elected by you the people at both local and County level, we are proud to serve you and are now achieving great things.

UKIP is no longer a one trick pony as some of the national press might like you to think. We are actually making a change for the good. Spotting the issues that annoy people like you and sorting them out. How are we able to do that? Because those same issues annoy us too. We don't settle for pointless bureaucracy, in fact we are as fed up with it as you are.

UKIP Have risen and that has quite a lot to do with you the people of Eastleigh. It is you who has put your trust in us and you who has decided it is time for change. A time for fresh ideas and a fresh approach to running the Borough. We are almost there so please keep on supporting UKIP. We pledge to serve you the people and ensure we won't let you down. Thank you for Voting UKIP.

The Story

National support for UKIP has grown rapidly over the past year and the people of Eastleigh have had a lot to do with that.

Eastleigh By Election
After Eastleigh's LibDem MP Chris Huhne was forced to resign due to a charge of perverting the course of justice, the people of Eastleigh were asked to Vote for a new MP on Thursday, 28th February 2013.

Nigel Farage and Diane James Celebrate UKIP's Result in Eastleigh By Election.Nigel Farage and Diane James Celebrate UKIP's Result in Eastleigh By Election.UKIP's Diane James came 2nd with 11,571 votes (27.8%) which was a massive gain of 24.2%.  Diane just failed to win by 1,771 votes (4.3%) being pushed into 2nd place by former business bank manager Mike Thornton (LibDem).

Diane Jame's vote was our highest yet in any Parliamentary election (in both share and number of votes) and was the fourth time UKIP had come 2nd in a by-election. It was also the closest UKIP have come to winning a Westminster seat.

(image) Diane James and Nigel Farage pictured at the Eastleigh By-Election Count


The Moment the Tide Turned
The result was a wake-up call for Britain which had been watching closely following Chris Huhne's resignation. The Media had vastly underestimated UKIP's level of support and the close 2nd place result triggered a massive wave of support for UKIP which has continued ever since, making UKIP the fastest growing political party in history

UKIP have given the British people their voice back. Before UKIP, it was politically incorrect to criticise uncontrolled immigration into Britain. UKIP have stood up against the short sighted left wing and made a stand for good old British values.


Calling Time on the failed EU

This Animation shows the Expansion of the EC to the EU. Watch the year and the speed of growth.This Animation shows the Expansion of the EC to the EU. Watch the year and the speed of growth.UKIP have blown the whistle on the European Union project. Thanks to UKIP, the British people are waking up to the fact that our country is slowly but surely being conquered by unelected, power hungry bureaucrats with one goal: To protect their European Project no matter how much it costs.

All that money is coming out of OUR pockets at the rate of £55 million a day. We pay more than £20 Billion a year to be dictated to by the EU, a European Union that none of us ever voted to be part of!

(image) How the EC became the EU and the rapid expansion of an empire


Yes while many of our own citizens are living in poverty and people are dying due to lack of funding in the NHS, the Conservative, LibDem and Labour parties all think it's OK to pay such a VAST amount of money (YOUR money!) over to the failed EU.

UKIP is a centre right political party that believes the British people should have the right to choose whether their country is part of a European Empire, especially one that is prepared to seize power at any cost.  UKIP will put a stop to them!


UKIP for the people of Eastleigh

UKIP Eastleigh Official Website.UKIP Eastleigh Official Website.We have talked about the EU but you also want to know how UKIP will benefit Eastleigh.  UKIP stands shoulder to shoulder with Eastleigh residents.  UKIP consists of normal, hard working local people who have not  made it an ambition to become career politicians.  

We care about changing Eastleigh for the better. That means giving Eastleigh back to you.



Become a member

Anyone can join UKIP Eastleigh.  Those under 18 can join as associates.  If you would like to join, or become a candidate, or help spread the word or just donate, please contact us using the links on this website.

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UKIP does not tolerate racism and will not allow anyone to join if they have previously been a member of the BNP or certain other proscibed racist groups, nor if they can be proven to be racist

Thanks again for taking the time to visit the official UKIP Eastleigh website. Please feel free to take a look around

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